Our Studio

The pressure cooker of impressions brought to the boiling point of expression. Created by creation to create.  Devine is the connection to the imaginative self. The creative force of our vital energy has no guidelines or governed rules. This is true freedom.

Not between the lines but beyond them. Any expression with any medium has the power and I am not its keeper nor is it bound to me ; We are totally free because of our Devine connection.

It all began at the end of my comfort zone. I only know what Ive learned from my own experiences because I never was a good reader. Im not intimidating unless your easily intimidated. I take responsibility for everything i Experience and I only live in the light because Ive passed through the darkness. There is no “I” only “I am” and There is no “You” only “You are”. I don’t believe in us and them but I do believe in “Us” and ” Also Them”

Not only can the impossible be done but it must be done You never really loose anything or anyone it just becomes more apart of you. Cultivating strength Identifying weakness Modifying ambitions And fulfilling needs.

I am you and what I see is me. Art is the Purpose of my life and my life is the purpose of my Art… All these are Confirmations of Affirmations, Clarity’s of divinity’s. I’ am nothing without

these Vibrations of a roaring freedom in circulation.

They magnify from thy surface to my core. I hardly have to peddle anymore on this down hill ride, Grateful to the wind I feel on my face. The bird sips from the sludge in the gutter, doesn’t

seem to bother or even know any other.

 Have you ever had a déjà vu, or a feeling that everything fits even when it’s uncomfortable?

Did you ever wonder why babies cry? Maybe there trapped in a life they failed to live. Or maybe some doors just shouldn’t be opened, or what about the portals of the mind you open that alter your existence and you don’t like the alteration? Is there a line to be crossed or is it just already determined?  Don’t they call that fate? Did you ever wonder who “they” are? Can you tolerate the creaking Door? Well you left it open.

Custom paintings, photography, screen printing and mixed media art

JoelPaulBeers,(Srpntwolf) 909 239 3959